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Name ___________________________ Cell Phone: ______________        Home Phone:___________ 

Social                                                  Drivers                          Date of                   

Security #___________________License.____________Birth _________ E-mail __________________

Present Address ______________________________________________________________________

Length of stay __________ Rent $ _______ Reason for moving ________________________________

Owner/Manager ______________________________________________  Phone: _________________

Previous Address _____________________________________________________________________

Length of stay __________ Rent $________          Reason for  moving?__________________________

Owner/Manager _______________________________________  Phone ________________________

Name & relationship of every person to live with you, even if only temporarily (include ages of minors)

Credit rating scale: how would you informally grade your credit  1 to 100  (100 the best): _____________


Occupation _____________________            Employer _______________________ Phone ___________

            How long with this

            Employer? _______________            Supervisor _____________________   Phone ____________


Occupation _____________________            Employer _______________________Phone ____________

            How long with this

            Employer? _______________            Supervisor ______________________Phone ____________

Current Gross Income Per Month (before deductions) $________________

List sources and amount of other income _____________________ What is your credit score:  ________

Amount of alimony - child support you receive $ ____or pay $ ______    Bachelor Degree:  yes / no

Account:  Bank _____________________________Branch _________________ Balance ____________

Account:  Bank _____________________________Branch _________________ Balance ____________

Credit Card: ____________________Average Balance___________Payment_______

Other Credit line  ________________Average Balance___________Payment______

Ever filed bankruptcy? _____ Ever been evicted? ______ Ever been convicted of a felony? ____________

Have you ever made any late rent payments?______  How many?______    Foreclosure ____________


Make(s) ________________ Model(s) ______________ Years(s)____________ License(s)___________


Reference ___________________________ Address ________________________  Phone ___________

Contact in

Emergency __________________________ Address ________________________  Phone ___________

Anticipated length of occupancy:__________________________________________________________

Do you have a any pets?  ___________

I declare that the statements above are true and correct.  I authorize verification of my references and credit

as they relate to my tenancy and to future rent collections.   Good credit score is required. 

Signature __________________      Date ________          Application for Unit #_________                                                             
Date Needed:___________


    Vince -  Vince 686-7773  Best is to take a photo of the printed application and
email the pic to   or
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